Thursday, September 29, 2016

MURDER INK - Library Journal Review

 Murder Ink - Amazon

The first trade review for my newest release, MURDER INK, is from Library Journal. While the text hasn't made its way to Amazon yet, it is up on Barnes & Noble, so I'll share it in full here:

"Years ago, Dakota Jones worked as an escort but then won the lottery and reinvented herself. She now helms Runaway Investigations, which specializes in tracking down missing teenagers and patients with Alzheimer's. She shares a lovely home with girlfriend Kris Carson, a homicide investigator for the Phoenix PD. When Dakota's former boss at the escort service is murdered in a highly ritualized manner, Kris and Dakota's relationship takes a hit because Kris hates being reminded of Dakota's previous work. While Kris and colleague Hamilton Stark investigate what appears to be a killer targeting escorts, Dakota looks for a missing teen. The two cases collide in an explosion of gunfire and arson. In a refreshingly different take on the police procedural, the narrative alternates between Kris and Dakota's efforts to live a normal life and the parallel investigations. The plot is handled deftly, and Dakota is a compelling protagonist who has worked hard to overcome her troubled past. VERDICT Add this to the growing pantheon of titles starring lesbian detectives, including Katherine V. Forrest's Kate Delafield and Claire McNab's Carol Ashton, Kylie Kendall, and Denise Cleever." - Library Journal, 10/1/16

The added emphasis is mine, of course. If you haven't already done so, you can pre-order the book in paperback or hardcover on Barnes & Noble, and on Kindle at Amazon. And don't forget, we're hoping to get a full-scale book bomb going on October 1-2!

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