Russell has edited or co-edited numerous anthology titles, including:

Law of the Gun (Pinnacle Westerns)
Publication Date: November 1, 2010
One Man. One Gun. One Law.

It's an American icon: the Western shootist, living by skill, courage and a willingness to spit in death's eye. Now, the greatest names in Western literature turn this mythical character upside down, inside out and every way but loose. . .

In The Trouble with Dude, award-winning author Johnny Boggs saddles a once-famous lawman with some high-paying New York dudes in search of Western thrills who get more than they bargained for; in. Uncle Jeff and the Gunfighter Western master storyteller Elmer Kelton chronicles a quarrel between a hardscrabble Texas rancher and a killer for hire--with results that stun a town. . . William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone offer Inferno: A Last Gunfighter Story featuring series hero Frank Morgan. From a pistol-packing woman to a freed slave heading into a Nebraska winter and an education in gun fighting, The Law Of The Gun is about journeys, vendettas, stand-offs, and legends that end--or sometimes just begin--with the roar of a gun. . .

Amazon Paperback; Kindle

Ghost Towns
Publication Date: July 1, 2010
The sound of a crowded saloon . . . The cry of a train coming through the night. . . The pounding of horses ridden by friends or foe. . . From the searing sun to snow-steeped winters, towns called Sentinel, Iron Mountain and St. Elmo stood strong and fierce--before they finally died. Now, these ghost towns return to life under the spell of such great Western tale-tellers as Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Bill Brooks, Loren D. Estleman, Johnny D. Boggs and New York Times bestseller Margaret Coel.

From a soldier on the run from the fires of war. . . From a gambler who has long since played his last hand to a solitary, singing rifle man protecting a besieged town . . . With dreamers and schemers, with men and women of courage, conscience and faith, here is an unforgettable round-up of astounding adventures fueled by a passion for the West the way it really was--and the way it lives on forever. . .

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Lost Trails
Publication Date: May 1, 2009
They are the stuff of legend, thundering out of the harsh landscapes and stunning vistas of the American West, vividly lodged in our collective imaginations. From Buffalo Bill to Billy the Kid, from Cochise to Jesse James, these names and so many others screamed across newspaper and dime store magazine headlines while the Wild West was won.

Lost Trails features inventive, hard-riding, action-packed stories by America's best Western writers. Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Loren Estleman, Johnny Boggs, Don Coldsmith, and many more, share tales of the legends born out of the wild frontier. So sit a spell and listen to a good ol' yarn about Mark Twain's meeting with Buffalo Bill, a man who shoed horses for Jesse James, or a little known nugget about Cochise by the legendary Louis L'Amour...and for a time, you can find yourself riding those Lost Trails with the real people that make the legends of the West come alive today.

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If I Were An Evil Overlord
Publication Date: March 6, 2007


Who hasn't dreamed of being an evil overlord?

Today's finest fantasy authors have delivered fourteen tales that run the gamut from humorous to serious, fantasy to science fiction. Certain to appeal to role-playing gamers, fantasy lovers, and megalomaniacs who want to rule the world.

Amazon Paperback; Kindle

Millennium 3001
Publication Date: February 7, 2006
The year 3001 as envisioned by today's masters of science fiction

Thirteen brand-new tales explore the future of Earth and humanity a thousand years from now. From the development of a race that will be the next evolutionary step beyond mankind, to civilization's adaptation to a new ice age, to a people who have escaped the constraints of chronological time, these are provocative, inventive glimpses of our world and universe that are only a millennium away

Courts of the Fey
Publication Date: November 1, 2011
Fantasy, whether classic or contemporary, has always been based on the conflict between the forces of Light and Darkness. Now some of the genre's most inventive authors bring readers into the Seelie Court, where all serve the Queen of Air and Light, and the Unseelie Court, where the forces of Darkness hold sway.

Faerie Tales
Release date: May 4, 2004
12 all-new magical stories by Charles de Lint, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tanya Huff, and more

Faerie folk have cast their magical spell over people the world around. Now some of today's most imaginative fantasists explore into the heart of this enchantment with twelve all-original stories that will bespell their spells on readers of all ages.

Apprentice Fantastic
Release date: November 5, 2002
The apprentice is one of fantasy's most often identified with characters, someone who is all too human, sometimes a source of humor, sometimes that one special person who will become the catalyst for pivotal events, sometimes a villain, sometimes a hero, perhaps most often a loyal sidekick. From the poignant tale of a young girl learning to "paint" the future to a young man who "apprentices" himself to the devil, here are unforgettable portraits of apprentices attempting to master their highly unusual talents.

Haunted Holidays (Daw Book Collectors)
Release date: October 5, 2004 | Series: Daw Book Collectors (Book 1308)
From Columbus Day to Christmas, from Labor Day to the Fourth of July, here are thirteen original stories of dark fantasy and the supernatural that give new meaning to the term holiday spirit.
Includes stories by: Julie E. Czerneda, Peter Crowther, Esther Friesner, David Bischoff and others

Mardi Gras Madness: Stories of Murder and Mayhem in New Orleans
Publication Date: January 1, 2000
What sort of creatures may have haunted the Mardi Gras festival and who may have said farewell to the flesh in a horribly unique way (and why and how) are the subjects of this collection of murder stories set in New Orleans. 

Heat, Volume 0
Publication Date: March 1, 2001 | Series: Heat (Foggy Windows)
12 erotic stories featuring married couples, and filled with action in every setting imaginable. From the Old West to Outer Space, these tales are sure to please. Featuring stories from David Bischoff, Billie Sue Mosiman, Gary Braunbeck and many of today`s top writers!

Heat, Volume 1
Publication Date: March 1, 2001 | Series: Heat (Foggy Windows)
12 erotic stories featuring married couples, and filled with action in every setting imaginable. From the Old West to Outer Space, these tales are sure to please. Featuring stories from Kristin Kathryn Rusch, K.W. Jeter, Dean Wesely Smith, and many more!

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