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On this page, you'll find a number of links to interviews, audio recordings, and even the occasional video appearance by yours truly. There's even a book trailer that someone did for the Jenna Solitaire series. In short, this is the page where I put stuff that doesn't quite seem to go anywhere else. And yes, I am a model of organization, thank you very much.


The Big Idea: Russell Davis (link)
The Epic Nature of Storytelling: Russell Davis on Writing the West (link)
SF Scope: Interview with SFWA President Russell Davis about the changes to the Nebula Award rules (link)
Writer's Wednesday: Doing the Writerly Math (link)


Chicon 7 panel, "Conquering Writer's Block" with Gene Wolfe, Monica Valentinelli, Tom King, Russell Davis and Eldon Thompson (link)
Space Westerns Podcast (link)


Published on 20 Aug 2012
Western State Colorado University MFA Faculty, Russell Davis, discusses the Popular Genre Fiction/Nonfiction track of WSCU's MFA in Creative Writing.

Jenna Solitaire "Daughters of Destiny" Book Trailer

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