Short Fiction

Russell has produced two different short fiction collections with Wildside Press:


The End of All Seasons

Publication Date: March 12, 2013
In his first collection since Waltzing With the Dead (2004), Russell Davis returns with The End of All Seasons, a gathering of four poems, fourteen short stories (including one never before published), and a creative nonfiction essay about his own muse. Ranging from winter to spring, summer to autumn, and crossing over genre boundaries from fantasy to western, this collection will take readers on an unforgettable journey through the seasons of the human heart. Davis’s last collection was called, “… one of the most unique short story collections. A complex puzzle of words,” by, and also received a Perfect 10 rating from Romance Reviews Today. Introduction by Nancy Holder.

Waltzing With the Dead

Publication Date: January 2004
Four poems, fourteen short stories . . . one journey through the dark dilemmas of the human, and not so human, heart. This collection, which includes an introduction from noted author Ed Gorman, and three stories that have never before been published, ranges from a dark tale about a fetus very much aware of everything being said around it to a tale of Merlin and the true story of how Camelot fell to the story of a man who looks for love in the personals and finds it in a way he didn't expect.

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  • The End of Winter - UFO Files
  • One Tree Hill - Warrior Princesses
  • Dead Tired - Black Cats & Broken Mirrors
  • The Death of Winston Foster - Future Crimes
  • The Body Clock - Alien Abductions
  • The End of Summer - Merlin
  • Goliath - Catfantastic V
  • A Weapon of Flesh & Bone (w/Tim Waggoner) - Xena Anthology
  • A Kiss at Midnight - Single White Vampire Seeks Same
  • King of Thorns - Villains Victorious
  • The Morality of Feeling Good (as Christopher Tracy) - HEAT, Volume 1
  • Omega Time – Sol’s Children
  • Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras Madness
  • Across Hickman’s Bridge to Home – Civil War Fantastic
  • Blacklegs Dancing – Guns of the West
  • Father of Shadow, Son of Light – Knights Fantastic
  • Countdown – Space Stations
  • The Last Day of the Rest of Her Life – Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City
  • The Hollywood Dilemma – You Bet Your Planet
  • The End of Autumn – Texas Rangers
  • The Things She Handed Down – Maiden, Matron, Crone
  • Midnight at the Half-Life CafĂ© – Gateways
  • The Angel Chamber – In the Shadow of Evil
  • The End of SpringSlipstreams
  • When I Look to the SkyUnder Cover of Darkness
  • Teeth in the Sand  - Army of the Fantastic
  • Houdini’s Mirror Something Magic This Way Comes
  • Scar’s Enough – Fellowship Fantastic
  • Engines of Desire & Despair – Man Vs. Machine
  • The First Ride of Monday Happenstance – Law of the Gun
  • An Orchid for Valdis – Imaginary Friends
  • The Sleepers – Original for WwtD
  • Monster – Original for WwtD
  • Kiss of FireOriginal for WwtD
  • Seven Year Itch – Original for WwtD
  • Letter to Josie - Original for EoAS

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